Tideland Unveils New Logo at IALA-SPAIN 2014



Tideland Signal Corporation (Tideland) revealed a new company logo at IALA-SPAIN 2014, as part of the on-going evolution of the company's brand.

Tideland has grown and evolved over the last six decades, and IALASPAIN 2014 was the perfect venue to introduce a refreshed logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolise Tideland's dynamic future.

Proud of its history, Tideland chose to retain the core element of the logo, Tideland colour red and introduce concentric rings to symbolise the future of Tideland products and industry needs.

IALA-SPAIN 2014 attendees were pleasantly surprised and welcomed the fresh, clean logo appearance. In addition to the introduction of the logo, Tideland also had a speaking engagement at the conference to launch its latest innovative aids to navigation (AtoN) product, Tideland's eNavcon.

The Tideland booth enjoyed multitude of visitors that participated in a 'Captain's Challenge'. Worldwide lighthouse authority participants enjoyed a friendly competitive battle for leader of the day that generated daily prize winners throughout the event.

A visit from HRH Princess Anne was the highlight of the event. With Tideland's global representation that includes a UK office, Tideland was extremely proud to represent and showcase Tideland's products to HRH Princess Anne.

IALA-SPAIN 2014 was the perfect venue to reveal the new company logo and display Tideland's latest innovative products and solutions.

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