Sepura supplies Subsea 7 North Sea Spoolbase

Sepura, in conjunction with 1-2-3 Communication AS, has supplied TETRA terminals to the Subsea 7 North Sea Spoolbase in Vigra, Norway.

The complete system comprises TETRA infrastructure (Damm), Sepura STP9000 hand-portable radios and a dispatcher solution.

The spoolbase - a shore-based facility used to facilitate continuous pipe laying for offshore oil and gas production - runs 3.7km across the island of Vigra and includes a purpose-built deepwater quay area, covering a total area of 284,505m². This makes it one of the longest spoolbase facilities of its type in the world. The base employs up to 75 people when working at normal capacity, rising to 120 in peak periods.

Kenneth Furnes-Røsand, HSE Base Manager for Subsea7 Spoolbase, said: "We are very pleased with the features and performance of the TETRA system deployed. In particular, the reliable audio clarity of the Sepura STP9000 hand-portable enables clear and precise communications, a vital requirement in the environment in which we operate".

Mr Furnes-Røsand continued: "In addition, our collaboration with a professional vendor such as 1-2-3 Communication AS delivered valuable cost and time savings. Their ability to assess our specific needs, recommend in simple terms the most appropriate and cost-effective communication equipment, and their thorough user training package, made our choice very easy. We intend to expand the TETRA system to a larger number of talk groups and users in the months to come".

Petter Sørensen, CEO for 1-2-3 Communication AS, said: "We believe that Subsea7 SpoolBase chose the communication solution that best meets their needs. We want our customers to confide and rely on us and we are aware that partnering with Sepura enables us to achieve this objective".

"This success builds on our excellent collaboration history with 1-2-3 Communications," said Lars-Magnus Gustafsson, Business Development Manager for Sepura. "Their expertise, along with our strong product offering, has again proved to be a winning combination and we look forward to many more successes in the future."

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