Introducing SMi’s 3rd Annual M2M for Oil and Gas Conference 2015

Introducing SMi’s 3rd Annual M2M for Oil and Gas Conference 2015

SMi proudly presents its 3rd annual M2M for Oil and Gas conference takes place on the 29th – 30th April 2015 in London, UK.

The international oil and gas industry is continuously challenged by meeting production targets, ensuring safety and the respect of the environment. This conference will explore how fast and easy access to reliable information is pivotal to enable senior members of upstream and downstream oil and gas companies to appropriately focus on accurate decision-making.

Furthermore, it will provide attendees with the notion of how underlying wireless communications can connect from remote adverse locations to the control room. Additionally, this conference will address the assessment of transmission pipelines, the harnessing of technological advancements and will offer all attendees invaluable knowledge on how to meet high security and efficiency standards. It will investigate and provide solutions on how M2M and wireless communications can be effectively used for the transport and distribution of emerging oil and gas products (e.g. LNG, shale gas).

Reasons To Attend in 2015:


• Gain Real -time visibility of all equipment and assets
• Deploy financial resources and investment more intelligently
• Respond promptly and more decisively to problems with remote assets in the Digital Oilfield
• Manage risks from supply and value chain disruptions using modelling and planning techniques
• Understand Real-time systems solutions for present and future oil and gas exploration and technical limitations in the data-rate efficiency
• Addressing Satellite Interference and battery usage

Key Speakers Include:


• Abraham Joseph, Managing Director, IOT Insights
• Petrus Gomes de Figureido e Silva, E&P IT Consultant, SpassauTecnologia c/o Petrobras
• Pasquale Silvestro, Partner, Tonnucci& Partners
• Santosh Singh, Senior Economic Analyst, Afren Plc
• FivosSpathopoulos, Senior Geologist, Amerada Hess Gas Ltd
• Steve Lee, Managing Director, Stevenson Astrosat

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