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Schlumberger continues GeoSphere introduction

HOUSTON – Schlumberger has continued the roll-out of its GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service with an introduction in Houston.

In kicking off the presentation, Maurice Nessim, president, PetroTechnical Services at Schlumberger said the new system made it possible “to see more of the reservoir than ever before and in real time…with the system that turns data into knowledge.”

“GeoSphere can expand the view around the well while drilling to 100 ft in real time with a tested service that has be used in more than 150 wells,” added Steve Kaufmann, president, Drilling & Measurements at Schlumberger.

Using electromagnetic measurements, GeoSphere can identify bedding and fluid boundaries on a reservoir-scale to optimize well landing often without the need for pilot holes, said Kaufmann. With this data integrated into the seismic data, drillers can adjust well paths while drilling and deliver less tortuous holes.

The data can be exported into Petrel to enable creation of 3D near-well structural models of the formations, and these can be adjusted as new data is acquired. The system can integrate logs, borehole images, and dip data to produce the model.

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