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First installation for innovative Welltec flow valve

In just six weeks, innovation specialist Welltec adapted its Welltec Flow Valve (WFV) technology to a client’s requirements, resolved a well stimulation issue following a malfunction with third-party equipment, and completed a successful operation.

The Welltec Flow Valve is a component of Welltec’s Flex-Well completions concept. This comprises a suite of Welltec technologies that can be combined to meet an operator’s specific needs.

The Flex-Well concept’s aims include reducing well construction risk, time and costs, tackling production issues and maximising early production.

And these aims were validated in the company’s response to a client’s requirement to meet challenging new objectives for a West Africa drilling operation.

“The operator had developed a new well in a new field and expanded its objectives from producing first gas to producing first oil and gas,” says Kevin Giles, Europe Area Vice President at Welltec.

“We have an established reputation for innovative solutions, and this project shows why.

“After discussing options with the client, we proposed providing five flow valves with three different sized, customer-specified flow areas.”

“We manufactured these and delivered them on-site with our Well Stroker® and Well Key® tools, both of which we had to modify to meet the requirements of the client’s plans for the well.”

The well operation proceeded to plan until a third-party fracturing sleeve failed to open, despite multiple attempts using coiled tubing.

Using modelling to evaluate an option for fracturing through the flow valves, Welltec® determined that this would not affect the valves’ function.

The modelling was spot on. In practice, the flow valve configurations that Welltec® had provided gave the operator multiple options to optimise production.

“This project underlined the flexibility and ease with which we were able to respond to the operator’s requirements, deliver and operate our technology,” adds Kevin.

“This was the world’s first installation of the Welltec Flow Valves and they performed flawlessly.”

Welltec has operations in 59 countries. Its technology is used in across all types of onshore and offshore environments, including deepwater, subsea and extended reach, high-yield, heavy oil and unconventional gas well programmes. 

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