Pemex creates new brand scheme for gas stations

Petróleos Mexicanos and several retail gasoline groups around the country established a new joint scheme for brand and image with the aim of diversifying alternatives for consumers and ensure the marketing of products from the Pemex brand in regional markets.


In this manner, service stations with different brands will be introduced in specific areas of the country, which will continue to sell Pemex gasoline and diesel.  The new service stations will be certified with quality standards and operated by current franchisees that already own and operate service stations.


The scheme will enable the creation of a new value proposition, differentiating the quality and service of operators under the supervision of the Pemex Franchise, with technological and operations support, as well as training programs and special promotions for consumers.


In this way, service station signs and dispensers will continue specifying the fuels offered are Pemex products, while the service station sign will have the new brand that distinguishes the franchisee and the service it offers.


The new scheme strengthens the relationship between Pemex and the main retail gasoline groups in the country, and enables the creation of value for the State productive company, the franchisee, and the final consumer through the evolution and innovation of the current business model.


Additionally, the consumer will have a greater variety of options to choose the service station that offers the best service and quality.  These modifications adapt to the industry’s new reality so that Pemex meets the new competitive landscape in better conditions and consolidates itself as the sector’s flagship company, and a reliable supplier of products to its retail gasoline customers.


The initial pilot tests will start this week in Mexico City, Tijuana and Merida.  It is important to highlight that almost half of the fuel that is currently distributed around the country in close to 12 thousand service stations is sold by 16 retail gasoline groups, which are the ones that have expressed most interest in participating in this scheme as regional operators.


During the test period, up to 20 per cent of each group’s service stations will be able to participate as long as that number does not surpass 10 per cent of the existing Pemex franchises in each region.


Additionally, only groups that have more than 30 service stations in a region will be able to participate.


Pilot tests will allow assessing the positioning of each brand, having a minimum of six months and a maximum of up to December 31, 2017.


It is worth noting that since last April fuel imports are open to anyone that meets the requirements to do so, and starting on January 1, 2018 the price of gasoline and diesel will be adjusted by the market.


Las menciones de Pemex pueden referirse a Petróleos Mexicanos o a cualquiera de sus Empresas Productivas Subsidiarias.



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