Reflex Marine showcases next gen personnel transfer device

Reflex Marine, a specialist in offshore personnel access by crane, will be exhibiting its FROG-XT transfer device range for the first time at Offshore Europe (OE).

Having unveiled the prototype at OE in 2013, Reflex Marine is excited to show the finished product at this year’s show. Attendees will be amongst the first to see and interact with the FROG-XT.

The FROG-XT4 in action. Image: Reflex Marine.

The company is best known for its transfer devices, the FROG and TORO, and now, the FROG-XT. The company is involved with more than one million safe personnel transfers annually.

“Through changing the perspective of crew transfer from being seen as inherently high-risk, to being accepted as a manageable activity that can be performed safely and cost effectively, we can ensure continuity and safety in offshore operations,” Reflex Marine CEO Philip Strong said. “The FROG-XT is our latest development to support our mission of raising safety standards offshore.”


More than twenty years’ experience and expertise has gone into the development of the FROG-XT range. With a choice of four, six and 10 person capacity devices, the FROG-XT offers operators a flexible solution to their personnel transfer needs. The device can be converted to MedEvac mode in the case of an emergency to transfer a casualty and accompanying passenger.

Designed to protect from all the key risks associated with crane transfer, the FROG-XT is the safest range of personnel transfer devices on the market. The range has undergone a rigorous testing program including full-scale immersion, self-righting, impact and free-fall testing. Testing was conducted both at Reflex Marine’s facility at Barcelona Harbour and at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, Texas.

Since the launch of the product in 2014, there are already devices in operation in more than 28 countries. The devices are used for a variety of applications including routine, high volume and contingency personnel transfer operations.

Cost efficiency is likely to be another key theme at this years’ Offshore Europe. Reflex Marine has worked closely with operators to develop a product that not only offers unrivalled safety and premium quality but also a highly cost-effective product life cycle.

“Operators are increasingly considering the move towards marine-based transfer, involving vessels and personnel capsules lifted by crane. This can be a cost-effective and safe alternative to air-based methods of transportation,” said Strong.

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