LAGCOE '15: Asahi/America Series 92 electric actuators for corrosive environments

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in fluid flow solutions for corrosive environments, will be showcasing their Series 92 electric actuators at this year’s Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition.

Asahi’s Series 92 electric actuator have been installed with confidence in a variety of oil and gas applications including pipeline transmission, well head control, drilling fluids and chemical plants. The Series 92 is ATEX certified, UL1203 certified, and ABS approved.

The Series 92’s rugged construction, proven design and customizable options make it the perfect work-horse for the oil and gas industries. The Series 92’s enclosure is a die-cast aluminum alloy with a thermally-bonded powder-coat finish. This UL1203 explosion-proof enclosure is bolted together in two sections by eight 5/16” hex-head cap screws and fitted with an O-ring between the two halves, allowing the Series 92 to weather harsh and hazardous environments.

The internals of the Series 92 actuator feature a permanently lubricated gear-train and hardened steel spur gears. Two end-of-travel limit switches are mechanically set via adjustable cams for open and close positions. Accessories such as 4-20 mA positioners, single and double extra limit switches, and two-wire control relays are all available factory installed and calibrated in the actuators.

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