Enterprise SSD: More Than Just a New Kind of Hard Drive

SSDs deliver unmatched data center performance. As solid-state drives (SSDs) are increasingly deployed throughout the enterprise, data center and IT managers need to fully understand the performance and benchmarking shift that come with SSDs. Enterprise environments are demanding storage components with 24x7 workload and duty cycle abilities that are beyond those of most SSDs derived from consumerbased drives intended for use in laptop environments.

Consumers don’t shop for steady-state performance and endurance, but these requirements are paramount in server and enterprise
applications. Enterprise SSD: More Than Just a New Kind of Hard DriveThis white paper will explore NAND flash technology and its inherent problems, and explain client applications for SSDs, including laptops, cameras, PCs and mobile phones. Client SSD applications typically serve a single system accustomed to running no more than eight hours a day, five days a week on small datasets in read-intensive operations with low to minimal write activity.

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