Don’t Miss the Unconventional Resource Revolution’s Next Wave

It’s time for operators developing North America’s unconventional oil and gas reservoirs to embrace a new business model. Today, the typical business model for developing unconventional assets is still based on a cycle of repeatedly drilling, completing, and fracturing new wells.

In today’s climate of depressed oil prices, that model is both unprofitable and unsustainable. It’s unnecessarily costly and often
leaves more than 90% of the recoverable hydrocarbons in place. However, operators can reinvent their business models for unconventional assets through a process of strategic well rejuvenation.

This white
paper details a data-driven, science-based method to helps operators better understand their reservoirs and uncover the reasons behind poor well performance to identify and implement the most profitable well rejuvenation programs—maximizing recovery rates, cash flow and ROI at a lower CAPEX than possible using the current business model.

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