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Sercel' s SeaPro Nav performs successfully on multi-vessel surveys

PARIS -- Sercel has announced that its SeaPro Nav integrated navigation system has been successfully deployed on another major multi-vessel survey.

SeaPro Nav is currently being deployed on a major WAZ survey conducted by CGG in the Gulf of Mexico. The navigation system was previously used as the master navigation system on the IBALT Trois survey, the third phase of CGG’s StagSeis dual-vessel, long-offset FAZ multi-client program carried out in the Gulf of Mexico.

SeaPro Nav is currently installed on 25 seismic vessels in various parts of the world, and operates in configurations ranging from 2D, 3D and 4D to broadband variable-depth streamer acquisition and multi-vessel surveys.

SeaPro Nav offers optimum flexibility and an innovative multi-vessel architecture, allowing increased productivity and fast adoption of the most advanced marine seismic acquisition techniques. Its fault-tolerant radio protocol allows for continuous operations in congested areas, while the planner design tool takes into account obstacles and sea currents, offering increased productivity and safety. In addition, by allowing the flexibility to quickly replace vessels or change the fleet configuration, SeaPro Nav also ensures maximum survey productivity.

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel' s CEO, said, “The deployment of SeaPro Nav on advanced multi-vessel surveys is proof that Sercel’s integrated navigation system can meet the challenge of providing a high-end navigation software portfolio to our customers. The vessels on CGG’s WAZ surveys were upgraded to SeaPro Nav totally seamlessly, bringing real added value to their operations.”

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