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MSA’s Chillgard RT Refrigerant Monitor Detects Gas Down to 1ppm

Why monitor refrigerants? The top reasons to monitor refrigerants include the safety of building personnel, refrigerants having the potential to deplete the ozone along with Federally-imposed environmental tax on those refrigerants, and the high replacement costs of refrigerant gases. That is why it is extremely important to detect refrigerants as soon as a leak occurs.


The Chillgard RT Monitor uses a very stable technology known as photoacoustic infrared (PAIR), to sense refrigerant gases at levels as low as 1ppm. This allows the user to be in compliance with ASHRAE 147 and ASHRAE 15 standards, not to mention detecting a leak early enough to prevent a major loss of refrigerant gas.


With PAIR technology, the Chillgard RT Monitor operates for months with virtually no zero drift. This stability eliminates the requirement of any auto-zeroing techniques that take the monitor offline at regular intervals, in addition to increased maintenance required for insuring a clean, constant zero air source. When using other technologies, typical sources of false alarms include humidity and interferants commonly found in mechanical equipment rooms. PAIR technology provides a very high immunity to these types of false alarms.


The Chillgard RT monitor saves operating costs by detecting a leak early enough to prevent a major loss of refrigerant gas. This monitor is purpose-built to monitor up to eight remote areas and is completely configurable to detect either a specific refrigerant or a group of refrigerant gases.

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