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KBA Group Completes IMCA Surface Supplied Diving Assessment for Indonesian Divers

Over a two-week programme from 19 August to 2 September 2014, the first batch of 12 experienced divers from PT. Advanced Offshore Services (PT. AOS) successfully completed their Surface Supplied Diver Assessment at TOTAL Indonesie (TEPI) offshore site installation in Balikpapan.


The assessment was carried out in accordance with the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) document 'Competence Assessment of Experienced Surface Supplied Divers'. The diver assessment was part of PT. AOS and TEPI's commitment to bringing the competence level of local divers to international IMCA standards.


With the support of TEPI, PT. AOS aims to raise the standard of divers and diving teams, of both national (Indonesian) and other staff through various initiatives and training. PT. AOS has since arranged various diving competency courses, such as IMCA Diver Medic, IMCA Trainee Air Diving Supervisor, KMB DSI Helmet Technician course and other similar courses for personnel.


KB Associates Pte Ltd (KBA) is the only company approved by IMCA outside the UK to conduct the experienced diver assessment programme and was contracted by PT. AOS and TEPI to conduct the assessment. The assessment requires the divers to complete a theory review and exam, as well as a range of practical assessments using an IMCA compliant surface supplied air diving system and support equipment.


The practical tasks included use of airlifts, underwater burning equipment, inspection and photography, a range of underwater tools, emergency diver recovery drills, dives to 40m and DDC drills over the 14-day period. Michael Whelan (KBA's assessor) has more than 30 years of experience as a diver, diving supervisor and commercial diver trainer, and was supported by Omar Bin Othman from Singapore.


Michael said: "The divers showed that their experience over the years has given them a good foundation and the assessment went really well. During the assessment, the divers were able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge while reinforcing the safety standards required in areas such as conducting emergency drills."


Ravi Rohidas from Advanced Offshore said: "I would like to thank TEPI Balikpapan, TEPI Handil, LSM, Darren Brunton and his team, Michael Whelan and Omar Bin Othman from KBA Singapore, as well as the team of PT. AOS for all their efforts in the successful completion of this assessment. We are now looking at the next step for the diver competency development with IMCA Diver Medic training."


Discussions are underway for the second batch of local Indonesian divers to be assessed as part of PT. AOS and TEPI's initiative and dedication to raising the commercial diver competency standards and safety for local national divers.

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