North Bontang, Indonesia Ammonia Export Terminal


The Indonesia ammonia export terminal in North Bontang was a turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction project for P.T. Kaltim Pasifik Amoniak. The ammonia terminal includes a 50,000 metric ton (55,120 ton) double integrity ammonia storage tank with a high capacity sendout for ships to load.

The ammonia terminal was built with a focus on quick fueling at very low temperatures. The liquid ammonia is received at a rate of 83.3 metric tons per hour (91.8 tons per hour) at -32oC. Once the ammonia is received, it is stored in the 50,000-metric-ton (55,120-ton) capacity tank and cooled down to -33oC. The ammonia is then sent out at a rate of 800 metric tons per hour (881.8 tons per hour) directly to the ship.

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