Red-D-Arc Fit-Up Bed Increases Productivity in Thin-Wall Cans of Vessels

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Industrial general contracting firm MacAljon has increased the productivity of its thin-wall tank manufacturing operation by more than 50% using the Red-D-Arc RDA MFUB-TW (fit-up bed for thin-wall cans).

Fit-up time has been decreased by 20% and the use of spider bracing is no longer required.

With no spider bracing to get in the way, a manipulator is now used to perform SAW ID circumference welding, which has increased productivity by 30%.

The RDA MFUB-TW system is specially designed for the construction of thin-wall vessels ranging in size from 10ft to 15ft 6in in diameter (custom sizes are available).

The company's patented system is fitted with independently adjustable vertical-rolls to support, align and compensate for tank non-concentricity when assembling multiple thin-wall sections, which eliminates the need for spider bracing.

If you work with vessels that require the use of spider bracing or that have a wall thickness of between 3/16in - 3/8in, contact the Red-D-Arc sales team to learn more about the RDA MFUB-TW and how it can increase the productivity of your thin-wall tank manufacturing operation.

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