KBC Releases New Versions of its Engineering Software Suite

KBC Advanced Technologies plc (KBC), a leading consultancy and software provider to the upstream, midstream, downstream and petrochemical hydrocarbon industries is pleased to announce the launch of new versions of its Engineering Software Suite consisting of: PetroSIM™, SIM Reactor Suite™, Energy-SIM™, FEESA Maximus™, and Multiflash™.

PetroSIM™ continues to reinvent process simulation technology with rigorous simulation models that generate trusted results in an intelligent, user-friendly environment for upstream, midstream, refinery or petrochemical processes.

Petro-SIM provides customers with the confidence to make knowledgeable decisions to improve facility performance and drive operational excellence, allowing the focus to be on maximising production and achieving optimum Net Present Value for assets.

New capabilities in Petro-SIM 6 give greater flexibility for reporting across cases, greater range of native thermodynamic models and further enable Life of Field modelling with the integration of Multiflash's high resolution thermodynamics and FEESA Maximus's revolutionary thermal hydraulic production models.

SIM Reactor Suite™ now brings data validation and model validation to a new level by integrating KBC's knowledge and experience of industry best practices into the reactor suite to help users understand their data by demonstrating unique relationships and highlighting potential problem areas with the input data.

This latest release balances key improvements to the core kinetic reactor technology and an enhanced user experience.

Energy-SIM™ leverages KBC's proven ProSteam modelling platform to deliver customised steam, fuel and power utilities performance monitoring, forecasting and optimisation capabilities for industrial process facilities across all industry sectors.

FEESA Maximus™ is a state of the art Thermal Hydraulic Integrated Production Modelling Software for the hydrocarbon industry, providing network simulations from reservoir to processing facilities.

Maximus 6.15 showcases more speed improvements and a range of new features, including user-defined scripting, wizards and corrosion modelling. This is the first Maximus release since FEESA was acquired in July 2014, and KBC development teams have already established a working interface between Maximus and Petro-SIM.

Multiflash™ is a powerful and comprehensive pressure volume temperature (PVT) and physical properties package that enables modelling the phase behaviour of complex mixtures for applications in oil and gas transport and processing, flow assurance and throughout the entire oil and gas value chain.

With the release of Multiflash 6, engineers using Multiflash as their embedded PVT engine are provided with a reliable, accurate and coherent thermodynamic description of the reservoir fluid throughout the whole engineering and design process, from concept to execution and monitoring.

Multiflash 6 includes major enhancements in the calculation methods, a complete set of advanced fluid modelling functionalities and new facilities for fitting characterisations to PVT experimental data that is all delivered within a fully refreshed user interface.

KBC's advanced technologies create the superior platform to enable management of the complex, multi-dimensional, multi-configuration, multi-period challenges faced by the hydrocarbon industry and add identifiable value to your organisation's bottom line.

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