PEFTEC is pleased to announce the call for papers for the technical programme

PEFTEC is pleased to announce the call for papers for the technical programme at the event is now open and would like like to invite you to submit your abstracts here

In brief PEFTEC is a conference and exhibition focused on Petroleum, Petrochemical, Chemical and Oil Analysis.

PEFTEC will take place on 18th & 19th November in Antwerp Belgium. The two day conference, seminar and poster programme will focus on

• Standards & Quality Assurance
• International & Industrial Regulation
• Analytical Techniques: General
• Analytical Techniques: Separation Science
• Analytical Techniques: Elemental Analysis
• Online & Process Monitoring
• Environmental Monitoring and Treatment of Water, Air or Soil
• Sensors and Remote Monitoring

Analytical and Monitoring technologies in and around Refineries, Petroleum and Petrochemical Plants -

PEFTEC 2015 is the Conference and Exhibition for Companies specialising in monitoring and analytical technologies for the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Refining and Environmental Industries will take place in Antwerp in November 2015.

PEFTEC brings together an extensive conference and workshop programme on case studies, regulation, standards and analytical techniques with a focussed exhibition of product and service providers.

The need to produce accurate analytical and monitoring data is essential to industry therefore topics and products featured at PEFTEC 2015 will include:-

Laboratory testing and measurement, Petrochemical Analysis, Emissions Monitoring in air, water and soil, portable and field sampling, Hydrocarbon analysis, reference materials, oil analysis, calibration, regulation and standards.

PEFTEC is being run and organised by International Labmate the publisher of Petro Industry News, International Environmental Technology and International Labmate.

Antwerp was chosen as PEFTEC's location as it is situated in the World's second largest cluster of Petrochemical Industry activities and the largest outside of the USA. Marcus Pattison Organiser of PEFTEC says, "Since the official announcement launching the dates of the 2015 event we've had a very positive and enthusiastic response from both exhibitors and potential speakers for this unique Industry lead show, exhibition stands and conference papers are already being reserved and submitted from companies and individuals who wish to take advantages of the early booking incentives"

A list of exhibitors so far –
a1-envirosciences GmbH,
AAVOS International bvba,
Agilent Technologies,
Analytik Jena,
Analytical Flow Products,
Ankersmid M&C,
Anton Paar,
APIX Analytics,
Benelux Scientific,
BPI Instruments Sprl/bvba,
Bruker AXS,
Centurion Scientific,
Chemplex Industries Inc,
Classic Filters Ltd,
Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions,
DCG Partnership 1 Ltd,
Distriblab Laboratory and Process BV,
Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH,
Falcon Anaytical,
FLIR Systems,
Fluxana GmbH & Co. KG,
Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc.,
Gilson International B.V,
Gradko International Ltd,
GR Scientific,
Grabner Instruments,
Greyhound Chromatography & Allied Chemicals,
Hanna Instruments,
Hach Company,
Hatech Gasdetectietechniek BV,
Horiba Europe,
Interscience bv(Global Analyser Solutions),
Jeol Europe bv,
Joint Analytical Systems,
JSB Joint Analytical Systems,
Benelux BV,
Julabo Labortechnik GmbH,
LAR Process Analysers AG,
LECO Instrumente GmbH,
Linde AG - Linde Gas Divisions,
LN Industries,
Lovibond Tintometer,
Lumex Analytics GmbH,
Markes International Ltd,
M&C Techgroup Germany GmbH GmbH,
Mercury Instruments Analytical Tech,
Mettler-Toledo S.A.,
Metrohm Belgium,
OmniTek B.V,
Orbis b.v.
PANalytical B.V
PAC Analytical Controls bv
Paragon Scientific
Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd
Perma Pure Inc
PerkinElmer Nederland B.V
Petroleum Review
PG Instruments Ltd
PMT Benelux NV
PS Analytical
Reagecon Diagnostics Ltd
SCHMIDT + Haensch
Selerity Technologies Inc
Servomex Bv
Shimadzu Europe GmbH
Sigma-Aldrich Chemie GmbH
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Bremen) GmbH
Trace Elemental Instruments
Turnkey Instruments Ltd
Zematra BV
Praxair NV
VWR International Europe bvba
Waters S.A.S
Tethys Instruments
Stocker Industrie sa/nv
Greyhound Chromatography & Allied Chemicals
Hemera Analyzers
LGC Standards

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