SharpEye IR3 Detectors Protect Prudhoe Bay Oil Facility

SharpEye 40/40I flame detectors were recently installed in a hot oil module in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

The facility, which measures 12ft x 100ft, was selected to be protected by the well trusted IR3 optical flame detectors to provide reliable flame detection.

The SharpEye 40/40I is multi spectrum based on three infrared (IR) bands, known as IR3, and detects fuel and gas fires at long distances with the highest immunity to false alarms. It can detect a 1ft2 (0.1 m2) gasoline pan fire at 215ft (65m) in less than five seconds.

Spectrex Inc is a technology leader in optical flame and Open Path Gas Detection (OPGD). Its patented optical UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detector designs, and pioneering patented Xenon Flash designs in OPGD detectors are now the standard for oil and gas projects.

A wide range of flame detectors are available, from ultra-fast (msec) detection time to high-sensitivity hydrocarbon and hydrogen flame detection, alongside the equally large OPGD range that can detect hazardous gases, from flammable hydrocarbons to toxic ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

All Spectrex products can operate in the toughest conditions, from African deserts to Alaskan waters and are fully approved to meet relevant third-party ex hazardous area, performance and reliability standards to the wide range of application challenges, worldwide.

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