Egdon starts extended well test at Wressle-1 in UK

UK based oil and gas firm Egdon Resources has commenced extended well test (EWT) at the Wressle-1 oil and gas well on license PEDL 180 in East Lincolnshire.

During the extended testing, two of the three reservoirs will be tested to assess the productivity of Wressle using pumps.

The test follows an earlier testing of four intervals at Wressle which led to the recovery of around 710 barrels of oil equivalent per day ('boepd') in total from all four payzones.

Egdon Resources managing director Mark Abbott Wressle said: "The earlier testing of the Wressle-1 discovery in Q1 2015 was very successful with combined production rates of 710 barrels of oil equivalent per day from the four zones tested."

Ashover Grit, the Wingfield Flags, and two zones within the Penistone Flags were the reservoir intervals that had offered oil during the initial testing.

Egdon, the operator, had installed a completion in the well to facilitate a pumped EWT over the oil productive zones in the Ashover Grit and the Penistone Flags.

The firm will initially focus on the Ashover Grit zone for the EWT and has now installed beam pump, down-hole pump, and pump rods to carry it out.

Egdon intends to test the productive zone in the Penistone Grit following the Ashover testing. Each of the tests will continue for 28 days.

Wressle told: "We now look forward to the results of this EWT program which will provide further valuable information on the Ashover Grit and Penistone Flags reservoirs and enable us to determine commerciality and optimise potential field development and monetisation options for the Wressle discovery."

Europa holds a 33.3% working interest in PEDL180, with Egdon owning 25%, Celtique Energie Petroleum having 33.3% and Union Jack Oil owning 8.3% stake.

Europa CEO Hugh Mackay said: "This discovery has the potential to significantly increase our existing UK reserves, production and revenues."

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