Woodside awards contract for Karratha Gas Plant project in Australia

Woodside has awarded a contract to a 50/50 joint venture between the UK-based energy services company Cape and Australia-based UGL for services on the Karratha Gas Plant Life Extension Program.

For the Woodside-operated Karratha Gas Plant, the JV will provide the detailed planning and execution of access, fire protection application, blasting and painting services.

In addition services such as cladding and insulation, mechanical, pipe-spool equipment replacement and electrical will be provided as part of the two-year contract.

Cape CEO Joe Oatley said: "We are delighted to announce the award of this new contract with Woodside which was won through our innovative approach and combined service offering with our contract partner, UGL.

"Woodside is an important client and we look forward to working with them closely to deliver safe and efficient service on this extensive project."

Work on site is expected to commence in 2016.

The Karratha Gas Plant is located 1,260km north of Perth, Western Australia and covers about 200ha.

Consisting of five LNG processing trains, two domestic gas trains, the plant has six condensate stabilisation units, three LPG fractionation units in addition to storage and loading facilities for LNG, LPG and condensate.

Karratha has the capacity to produce 12,000t of domestic gas a day.

LNG production capacity at the plant increased to 16.3 million tonnes a year in 2008 when a fifth LNG processing train was commissioned.

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