Wood Group to provide engineering services for Fairway Energy’s crude storage facility in US

US-based Fairway Energy Partners has selected Wood Group to provide engineering, design and procurement services for the company's Pierce Junction Crude Oil Storage facility to be built in south Houston.

The services are provided by Wood Group Mustang to Fairway as the company is constructing the surface facilities that support the crude oil storage facility in the Pierce Junction salt dome.

Fairway has designed the project's initial phase in such a way that it will allow for storage of three segregations of crude oil, for a total ten million barrels capacity.

"Wood Group Mustang's solution starts with a proven design that is modified to meet Fairway's needs."

The company can opt to expand the capacity to a total of about 20 million barrels at Pierce Junction.

This phase is expected to be in service by the end of 2016.

Wood Group Mustang CEO Michele McNichol said: "Wood Group Mustang's solution starts with a proven design that is modified to meet Fairway's needs.

"By leveraging similar designs we're able to provide an accelerated, cost-effective project that will help Fairway to meet its year-end 2016 in-service schedule for this underground storage facility."

Fairway secured funding in July to use it for the construction of the Pierce Junction Crude Oil Storage facility's initial phase.

During this phase, the company plans to construct two separate bi-directional 24-inch pipelines and also brine ponds with about ten million barrels of capacity and central pumping and metering facilities at the site.

The company proposes to take the project to its full capacity during its second phase.

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