GE launches ProSolv Wax Inhibitor to facilitate uninterrupted flow of oil

GE has launched a new range of wax inhibitors which can help uninterrupted flow of crude oil from the reservoir to the point of sale.

GE ProSolv Wax Inhibitor claimed to ensure consistent flow of crude oil with the innovative technology to clear wax blockages.

It is claimed to economical and simpler compared to the other solutions used by the industry at present which includes hot oil, direct electrical heating and pipe-in-pipe dry insulation.

The solution is based on characterisation of the production fluids and environment and operates with multiple variations of waxy crudes.

This GE technology reduces wax precipitation and deposition at temperatures below the untreated wax appearance temperature.

Deposition of wax has been creating operational issues in the oil and gas industry, especially in deep water fields with long step outs and exposed surface pipelines.

GE Power & Water, water and process technologies, chemical and monitoring solutions general manager Kevin Cassidy said: "GE is committed to developing oilfield production chemicals that will optimise production and flow assurance.

"Our latest ProSolv Wax Inhibitor range was designed to protect crude oil and gas pipelines while ultimately decreasing overall operating and capital expenses and increasing production."

Pilot testing and trials for the new technology will be available for use in June this year. The solution is compatible with the firm's Insight Knowledge Management platform, which will enable remote monitoring and optimisation of flow control.

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